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Award for the Best Paper by a Young Author

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The BES awards an annual prize of £100 for the best paper by a young author in each of the Society's journals. Winners also receive a free one-year subscription to the journal in which their paper appears. The prizes are targeted at people at the start of their research career, with the normal age for eligibility being 30 or under. Papers stemming from doctoral theses are welcomed.

Authors wishing to be considered for an award should be the first-named or sole author of the paper. Details of the application procedure are included in each of the journals. The awards are named after an eminent ecologist whose research reflects the interests of the journal. The Harper Prize is given for a paper in the Journal of Ecology, the Elton Prize in the Journal of Animal Ecology, the Southwood Prize in the Journal of Applied Ecology and the Haldane Prize in Functional Ecology. The journal editors decide the winner.


Winner of the Harper Prize 2010 : Dr. Yan Hautier, for his article ‘Modelling the growth of parasitic plants’, published with Andy Hector, Eva Vojtech, Drew Purves and Lindsay Turnbull.

Winner of the Elton Prize 2010: Nelika Hughes, from the University of New South Wales.

Winner of the Southwood Prize 2010: Stephanie O’Donnell, for her co-paper with Jonathan Webb and Richard Shine ‘Conditioned taste aversion enhances the survival of an endangered predator imperilled by a toxic invader’ (Journal of Applied Ecology, Volume 47, pp.558-565).

Winner of the Robert May Prize 2010: Iain Stott, for his co-authored paper "On reducibility and ergodicity of population projection matrix models," published in volume 1, issue 3 of Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Winner of the Haldane Prize 2010: Cécile Albert for her paper:

A multi-trait approach reveals the structure and the relative importance of intra- vs. interspecific variability in plant traits
Functional Ecology,
Volume 24, Issue 6, Pages 1192-1201
Cécile Hélène Albert, Wilfried Thuiller, Nigel Gilles Yoccoz, Rolland Douzet, Serge Aubert and Sandra Lavorel

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