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Tansley Lecture and BES Lecture

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An eminent ecologist is chosen by Council every two years to address the Society at the Tansley Lecture during the Winter Meeting. Those who are invited to speak may pick any ecological subject and may publish their paper in one of the Society's journals. The Tansley Lecture alternates with the President's Lecture which is given at the Winter Meeting by the Society's President at the end of their first year of office.

The BES Lecture is intended as a platform for eminent non-ecologists to address the Society on a topic that influences ecology and sets it in a wider context. Council chooses a speaker each year to give the lecture at the Winter Meeting and the speaker may publish their paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology.


Tansley Lecture List, 1975 to present:

17. G Daily 2007

Aligning Economic Forces with Conservation

16. P Vitousek 2005

Ecosystem science and human–environment interactions in the Hawaiian archipelago

Published in Journal of Ecology Volume 94, Issue 3, Date: May 2006, Pages: 510-521

15. W Sutherland 2003

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