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Czech Chemical Society Medal,was established after article 27 of the CCS Constitution in May 2008 as one of the highest awards of CCS.

1/ CCS Medal could be awarded only to a bona fide chemist, or exceptionally physician or specialist in natural sciences who practices the profession on exceptional level (evaluated e.g. on the basis of WOS or similar recognized criterion), or is a respected specialist from industry (evaluated are realized patents and technological projects), or is well known teacher (evaluated is the contribution to the chemistry teaching).

2/ Medal is awarded to individuals who significantly contributed to activities of CCS.

3/ Both above conditions should be valid simultaneously and either should be omitted or substituted.

4/ Nomination for the award could be done by any CCS member to the CCS secretariat.

5/ Medal is usually awarded at a ceremonious occasion (opening of a Congress, international meeting i.a.).
Secretariat of CCS keeps a register of awardees and publishes it by appropriate way.

6/ On award of the medal decides the "CCS Hlavní výbor".

Author of the medal is renowned Czech sculptor Vladimír Oppl. Mint was done by Petr Kazda at Triga-K company.



1/ Lehn, Jean-Marie
2/ Šimánek, Vilím

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