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Luigi Sacconi Medal

Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society


The Division of Inorganic Chemistry together with the Fondazione Luigi Sacconi, on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Division, award the Luigi Sacconi Medal to a scientist (Italian or foreigner) who has obtained particularly significant results in Inorganic Chemistry, the field in which Luigi Sacconi gave outstanding contributions.

The nominations for the award, proposed by the members of the Division, must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the candidate and the most significant motivations which justify his nomination.
The President of the Division will inform in time the members about the announcement of the award. The awarded scientist will be nominated by the Council of the Inorganic Chemistry Division on proposal of a committee composed by three members of the Council together with a member of the Foundation.


2010: Lyndon Emsley, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

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