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Poona Psychiatrists Association Awards I & II

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These awards have been instituted out of an endowment received from the Poona Psychiatrists Association for the best published article based on original work in the field of psychiatry and constituting of the most outstanding contribution of the year by a member on any aspect of psychiatry. PPA-I is for the best paper published by any member of the IPS. PPA-II is for the best paper published by a member or members of the IPS who must not have completed 40 years of age at the time of publication of the paper (member includes ordinary member, fellow and associate member).


PPA -I Award 2011 : Shubangi Parker, Balkrishna, Nagarsekar, Mitchell G Weiss (Mumbai)
Explaining suicide in an urban slum of Mumbai, India; a socio-cultural autopsy

PPA- II Award 2011 : G. Venkata Suramanian (NIMHANS)
Neuroanatomical correlates of psychopathology in antipsychotic naive schizophrenia

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