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IACR has established the IACR Fellows Program to recognize outstanding IACR members for technical and professional contributions that:

1. Advance the science, technology, and practice of cryptology and related fields;
2. Promote the free exchange of ideas and information about cryptology and related fields;
3. Develop and maintain the professional skill and integrity of individuals in the cryptologic community;
4. Advance the standing of the cryptologic community in the wider scientific and technical world and promote fruitful relationships between the IACR and other scientific and technical organizations.

In general, two broad categories of accomplishment will be considered: technical contributions and distinguished service to the cryptologic community. Fellows are expected to be "model citizens" of the cryptologic community, and thus most of them will have demonstrated sustained and significant accomplishment in both categories, but a very small number may be chosen for unique and crucial accomplishment in one category only.


2007 : Shafi Goldwasser, Hideki Imai, Silvio Micali

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