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There are three awards:the main award of £500 for the best piece of fieldwork submitted that year, a student award of £200 for the best entry by a student and the initiative award of £300 for innovative projects e.g. those from local societies.



The Main award (funded) went to the M74 Completion Project by Headland Archaeology UK Ltd and Pre-Construct Archaeology (PCA) for a vast landscape project centred around the M74 and demonstrates how the public can become engaged with industrial archaeology. As a work in progress we look forward to seeing many more reports about this project in the future. The award was collected by Andrea Smith (Headland) and Peter Moore (PCA) at the conference.

A worthy runner up and to whom we awarded a highly commended award was Tom Dawson and SCAPE at St Andrews University for The Eroding Limekilns at Boddin Point Angus: Preservation by Digital Record. This included an impressive fly though animation of the lime kiln which had been recorded in 3D using modern technology.

The Main (unfunded/volunteer) award went to Clyne Heritage Society for their important piece of recording on the Extractive Industries of Brora. The initial research strategy of rescuing evidence threatened by coastal erosion has blossomed into a full-scale project to understand early coal-fired salt-making and relate it to general economic trends in this early outpost of Scottish industrialisation.

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