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الجوائزالعلمية / علم الطب

President's Gold Medal

Urological Society of India


1.The medal is to be awarded to a member of the USI residing in India who has made an outstanding contribution to the progress of urology in India. The contribution could be academic or organizational.
2. The nominee for the award will be recommended to the Council of USI by a committee appointed specifically for that purpose. The committee will consist of three members nominated by the council of USI. The tenure of the committee is eligible for the award while he is a member of the committee.
3. The recommendation of the Committee should reach the office of the Secretary of USI at least one month before the annual meeting of the USI. The correspondence should remain strictly confidential.
4. The decision of the committee`s recommendation will be placed before the council at its annual meeting during the annual conference of the USI. The decision of the council will be final.
5. The name of the recipient will be announced at the general body meeting.
6. Though the award is to be made annually, it may be cancelled if no suitable candidate is found.
7. No member shall be given this award more than once.


2012 : not awarded

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