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Organismes / Sciences de la Vie / Chine

Liste des pays


>   Biophysical Society of China

>   China Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS)

>   Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS)

>   Chinese Association of Refrigeration

>   Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS)

Centres de Recherche

>   Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

>   Chinese Academy of Forestry

•   Bamboo Research and Development Center (BDRC)

•   China Eucalyptus Research and Development Centre (CERC)

•   Desert Forest Experimental Centre

•   Experimental Centre of Forestry in North China

•   Experimental Centre of Subtropical Forestry

•   Experimental Centre of Tropical Forestry

•   Research and Development Centre of Paulownia

•   Research Institute of Chemical Processing and Utilization of Forest Products

•   Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection (RIFEEP)

•   Research Institute of Forest Resource Information Techniques

•   Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information (RIFPI)

•   Research Institute of Forestry

•   Research Institute of Resource Insects (RIRI)

•   Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry

•   Research Institute of Tropical Forestry

•   Research Institute of Wood Industry (CRIWI)

>   Chinese Academy of Science

•   Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IBCB)

•   Research Center for Proteome Analysis

•   Institute of Biophysics

•   Institute of Microbiology

•   Institute of Zoology

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