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  • Country name : Slovenia
  • Official name : Republic of Slovenia
  • System of government : Parliamentary republic
  • National anthem :


  • Area : 20,273 km².
  • Capital : Ljubljana
  • Border countries : Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy.


  • Population : 2,01 millions (2006)
  • Language(s) : Slovenian (official), Italian and Hungarian.
  • Religions : Roman Catholic (71 %), Lutheran (1 %), Muslim (1 %), other (27 %).


>Slovenia is among the most successful countries in transition from a socialist to a market economy. It has already reached the level of the developed West European states.
>Tourism is a major source of revenue.
>The country's chief industries produce electrical equipment, processed food, textiles, paper products, chemicals and wood products.
>Dairy farming and livestock dominate the agriculture.
>The economic growth is stimulated by foreign demand.


>250,000 B.C. : The first evidence of human habitation on the territory of the present-day Slovenia.
>6th cent. A.D. : The region was invaded by the Mongolian Avars and later by Slavs.
>7th cent. : The Slavs established the Slavic state of Samu, the oldest known independent Slavonic state in the area.
>13th cent. : Most of the territory of Slovenia is taken over by the Habsburgs.
>1809-1813 : During the Napoleonic Wars, the region was taken from Austria to France and reorganized as part of the Illyrian Provinces.
>1814 : Slovenia returns to Austria.
>1918 : Following the defeat of Austria-Hungary in World War I, Slovenia is formally joined with Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia to form the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
>The name was later changed to Yugoslavia in 1929.
>1945 : Formation of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia which consisted of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.
>1991 : Proclamation of the independent Republic of Slovenia.
>1999 : An association agreement with the EU came into effect and Slovenia also applied for full membership.

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