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  • Country name : Austria
  • Official name : Republic of Austria
  • System of government : Federal republic.
  • National anthem :


  • Area : 83 858 km².
  • Capital : Vienna.
  • Border countries : Czeh Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany.


  • Population : 8,1 millions (2003).
  • Language(s) : German, slovene, croatian, hungaria.
  • Religions : Roman Catholic, Protestant.


>Member of the European Union since 1995, Austria is one of the strongest economy of the Euro zone.
>It has a powerful touristic sector, an important manufacturing industry (machinery, chemical, food and wood products), and mining resources.
>Since 1946 and the nationalization of the main industries, the Austrian economy is characterized by a balance between the private and public sectors. Still, since the early 90's, the Austrian government has started a programme of privatizations.
>Located in the centre of Europe, Austria attracts investors willing to make business with Eastern markets.


>As soon as in the prehistorical times, the austrian land is occupied by different tribes. It is then conquered by the Celts, the Romans, the Bavarians and the Slavic Avars.
>Charlemagne takes control of the land in the 8th century, and converts lots of its inhabitants to christianism.
>From 1278 to 1918, the Austrian history is linked to the Habsburg dynasty. The country becomes a powerfull empire in the 18th century. The 1815 Congress of Vienna establishes its importance in Europe.
>1867 : The Empire of Austria and the Kingdom of Hungary unite to constitute the Austro-Hungarian Empire, ruled by a single sovereign.
>1914 : First World War starts with the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir of the throne. After a devastating war, the empire is dislocated. A Republic is proclaimed in 1918.
>1938 : German troops invade Austria, and Hitler proclaims the Anschluss (Union) with Germany.
>1945 : The Soviet Army liberates Austria.
>1955 : Austria gets back its sovereignty after a treaty signed with the Soviet Union, the United states, the United Kingdom and France, with the condition of remaining neutral.
>1995 : Austria becomes a member of European Union.

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