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  • Country name : Kuwait
  • Official name : Emirate of Kuwait.
  • System of government : Emirate.
  • National anthem :


  • Area : 17 820 km².
  • Capital : Kuwait City.
  • Border countries : Iraq, Saudi Arabia, in border of the Persian Gulf.


  • Population : 2,2 millions (2003)
  • Language(s) : Arabic (official), English.
  • Religions : Muslims (85 %), other (15 %).


>The economy of the country is essentially based on its oil resources. Kuwait ranks 3rd in terms of oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
>Exploited after World War II, oil resources considerably transformed the country (development of infrastructures, increase of the standard of living, organized by a welfare State, modernization of the country).
>Kuwait also has important natural gas resources.


>The first vestiges of civilization in the region raise to the 3rd millennium B.C.
>18th century : the nomad tribes Anizah, coming from centre of Arabia, found Kuwait city.
>1756 : the dynasty Al Sabah, still at the head of the State, makes of Koweit an autonomous territory.
>By the end of the 18th century, fearing the Ottoman power, the Sheik of Kuwait obtains a protection from the British.
>At the end of the 1930s, the oil resources are discovered. Their exploitation will begin after World War II.
>1961: the British terminate their protectorate. Further to its independence, Kuwait is claimed by Iraq, which has to reverse in front of the recognition of the country by the Arabic League.
>1990: accusing Kuwait of making lower oil prices, Iraq invades the country. An international mobilization against Iraq, under the aegis of the United Nations ensues from it. The Gulf War comes to an end in March, 1991 and the Kuwaiti authority is then completely restored.
>During the 90s, the country engaged a vast program of reconstruction of its infrastructures and reflation of the economy.

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