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Scientific Computing / Technology

Scientific Computing

Overview :
Scientific Computing covers the new products, services, and technologies that are available to science professionals. The print publication reaches professionals and other important members of the industry, each qualified by job function, business, and industry. The website expands on that group to offer content and value to any member of the medical device design/manufacturing industry.

Democracy & Development: Journal of West African / Anthropology

Democracy & Development: Journal of West African

Overview :
Democracy & Development – Journal of West African Affairs is a bi-annual (Rains and Harmattan editions), published by the Centre for Democracy & Development. The journal’s broad focus areas are: 1. Conceptualising Democracy and Development in West Africa; 2. Practical problems that have inhibited democratic reform in the region; 3. Civic organisations and the new and innovative programmes, activities, and personalities driving the democracy and development agenda in the region; 4. Conflict and peace-building; 5. Public policy research (empirical and theoretical) on the democracy, security, and development nexus. Democracy & Development: Journal of West African Affairs is the only one of its kind entirely devoted to reporting and explaining democratic developments in the sub-region. It is read widely by researchers, journalists, opinion moulders, and academics. For more information visit the CDD home page at This journal will be updated soon.


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