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AGB Newsletter / Astronomy

AGB Newsletter

Overview :
The AGB Newsletter invites contributions related to Asymptotic Giant Branch stars; dealing with their structure, behaviour, evolution or mass loss, with their impact on the dynamical and chemical evolution of galaxies or their use as tracers of intermediate-age populations. To help understand AGB stars and their roles in the galactic ecology, we also welcome contributions on all associated phenomena such as post-AGB evolution, Planetary Nebulae, white dwarf mass functions, AGB Manqué stars, relevant nuclear, astrochemical and mineralogical processes, et cetera, as well as contributions on first ascent Red Giant Branch stars and massive red supergiants that are similar to AGB stars

Applied Mathematical Finance / Mathematics

Applied Mathematical Finance

Overview :
The journal encourages the confident use of applied mathematics and mathematical modelling in finance. The journal publishes papers on the following: - modelling of financial and economic primitives (interest rates, asset prices etc); - modelling market behaviour; - modelling market imperfections; - pricing of financial derivative securities; - hedging strategies; - numerical methods; - financial engineering. The journal encourages communication between finance practitioners, academics and applied mathematicians. Both theoretical and empirical research are welcomed, as are papers on emerging areas of mathematical finance and interdisciplinary topics. The journal seeks papers reviewing the development of significant practical tools, algorithms and new products.The modelling or solution of problems should demonstrate the capacity for generalization. Original and substantial pieces of research resulting in open problems are welcome; this will also be a forum for the airing of new problems and new areas of activity.

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