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El sitio web del CIRS propone un servicio de información y noticias científicas, un directorio de organismos y centros de investigación presentes en la web, un directorio de investigadores, premios y publicaciones científicas, libros de referencia, una lista de bibliotecas y librerías científicas. Cubre todos los campos de la investigación fundamental y aplicada : arqueología, antropología, astronomía, química, informática, matemáticas, ciencias de la tierra, ciencias de la vida, ciencias físicas y tecnología...


Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Laboratory of Neuroscience

Asociación Colombiana de Ingenieros de Sistemas / Colombian Association of Systems Engineers

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Tecnologia / FISHER, JOHN W.

Joseph T. Stuart Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis / Matemàticas

Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis

Descripción :
Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis (ASMDA) aims to serve as the interface between Stochastic Modelling and Data Analysis and their applications particularly in Business Finance and Insurance Management and Production. The main objective is to publish papers both technical and practical presenting new results which have potential for solving real-life problems. Another objective is to present new methods for solving these problems by analysing the relevant data. Also the use of recent advances in different fields will be promoted such as new optimization and statistical methods data base management and knowledge acquisition expert systems computer-aided decision supports and neural computing. ASMDA also publishes significant survey papers as well as papers that compare various relevant approaches for solving important problems. Guest editors will be invited from time to time to devote a section of the Journal to a special subject or theme. These special sections will include papers followed by comments and authors' reactions. The role played by the Journal as an interface between theory and practice means that it will be of great interest to those in both academic and business worlds. The high standard of the Journal will be guaranteed by the presence of an international Editorial Board. This will ensure the efficiency of the refereeing procedure. The Papers should be sent to: Professor J. Janssen Université Libre de Bruxelles Ecole de Commerce SOLVAY Centre d'Analyse des Données et Processus Stochastiques (CADEPS) 50 Avenue F.-D. Roosevelt-cp 194/7 B-1050 Brussels Belgium.


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