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El sitio web del CIRS propone un servicio de información y noticias científicas, un directorio de organismos y centros de investigación presentes en la web, un directorio de investigadores, premios y publicaciones científicas, libros de referencia, una lista de bibliotecas y librerías científicas. Cubre todos los campos de la investigación fundamental y aplicada : arqueología, antropología, astronomía, química, informática, matemáticas, ciencias de la tierra, ciencias de la vida, ciencias físicas y tecnología...


Department of Computer Science and Management

Networking Laboratory

New England College of Optometry

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Arqueologia / BECKMAN, GARY

Professor of Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies at the University of Michigan, USA.

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Annals of Operations Research / Matemàticas

Annals of Operations Research

Descripción :
The Annals of Operations Research publishes peer-reviewed original articles dealing with some aspects of operations research, including theory, practice, and computation. Submissions may include full-length research articles, short notes, expositions and surveys, reports on computational studies, and case studies of new or innovative practical applications. The Annals of Operations Research also publishes special volumes focusing on well-defined fields of operations research, ranging from the highly theoretical to the algorithmic and the very applied. Such volumes have one or more Guest Editors who are personally responsible for collecting the papers to appear in the volume, for overseeing the refereeing process, and for keeping the volume on schedule. Potential Guest Editors of new refereed volumes (proceedings of conferences, monographs, or focused collections of papers) in major OR areas are cordially invited to put forward their suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief. New submissions should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief, and manuscripts should be prepared following the "Instructions for Authors" on the journal’s homepage: www.springer.com/journal/10479. Manuscripts submitted for the Annals of Operations Research should report on original research, and should not have been previously published, or submitted for publication to any other journal.

0254-5330 (print version) / 1572-9338 (electronic version)

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