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Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Associate Curator of Zooarchaeology at the Arizona State Museum of the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A

Her professional interests include coevolutionary processes involving Paleolithic humans, forager economics and technology, the forager-farmer transition, population ecology, behavioral ecology, zooarchaeology of vertebrates and mollusks, and taphonomy, bone diagenesis, animal domestication.

Dr Stiner has done archaeological fieldwork at Paleolithic sites in Italy, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, and France, and sites of diverse ages in the United States.

Current projects include zooarchaeological research on pan-Mediterranean trends in Paleolithic diet, predator-prey dynamics & human ecology.

1996 : SAA Book Award for Honor among Thieves (Princeton Univ. Press) recipient, Society for
American Archaeology, April 12

1991 : Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (awarded honorary membership).

1989-90 : AAUW American Fellow, American Association of University Women Education Foundation, final year of dissertation writing.

1988 : Ruth E. Kennedy Memorial Lecture Award, outstanding doctoral candidate in Anthropology,
sponsored by Maxwell Mus. Assoc., U. New Mexico, April.

1987 : Fulbright Fellow, second phase of dissertation research in Italy.

1985 : Sigma Xi Honor Society (awarded honorary membership).

1981-82 : Delaware Post-secondary Scholarship Award for year 1 of grad. study, U. New Mexico.

1980 : Buxbaum Award for outstanding scholastic achievement in anthropology, U. Delaware, May.

Associate Editor for the Journal of Anthropological Research

Books :

The Faunas of Hayonim Cave (Israel): A 200,000-Year Record of Paleolithic Diet, Demography & Society. Peabody Museum Press, Bull. 48, Harvard University (314 pp, 147 figs, 105 tabs & appendixes)

Honor among Thieves: A Zooarchaeological Study of Neandertal Ecology. Princeton University Press (447 pp, 148 figs, 121 tabs & appendixes)

Human Predators and Prey Mortality. Westview Press.

Selected recent journal articles :

Kuhn & Stiner 2006
What’s a mother to do? A hypothesis about the division of labor and modern human origins. Current Anthropology 47(6):(in press)

Stiner & Kuhn 2006
Changes in the ‘Connectedness’ and Resilience of Paleolithic Societies in Mediterranean Ecosystems. Human Ecology 34(5): (in press)

Stiner 2004
A comparison of photon densitometry and computed tomography standards of bone density in ungulate body part profiles. J Taphonomy 2(3):117-145

Stiner 2003
Zooarchaeological evidence for resource intensification in Algarve, southern Portugal. Promontoria 1(1):27-61

Stiner et al. 2003
Mesolithic to Neolithic transitions: New results from shell-middens in the western Algarve, Portugal. Antiquity 77(295):75-86

Stiner 2002
Carnivory, coevolution, and the geographic spread of the genus Homo. J Archaeol Ressearch 10(1):1-63

Stiner et al. 2001
Outside Africa: middle pleistocene Lycaon from Hayonim Cave, Israel. Boll. Soc. Paleontologica Italiana 40(2):293-302

Stiner 2001
Thirty years on the “Broad Spectrum Revolution” and Paleolithic demography. PNAS 98(13):6993-6996

Stiner et al. 2001
Bone preservation in Hayonim Cave (Israel): a macroscopic and mineralogical study. J Archaeol Science 28:643-659

Stiner et al. 2000 The tortoise and the hare: small game use, the Broad Spectrum Revolution, and Paleolithic demography. Current Anthropology 41(1):39-73

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