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John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Distinguished Service Professor of Physics and Mathematics

James Franck Institute,
University of Chicago,
Chicago, Il, U.S.A.

With Leo Irakliotis, he established the Center for Presentation of Science at the University of Chicago.

Leo P. Kadanoff is a theoretical physicist and applied mathematician who has contributed widely to research in the properties of matter, the development of urban areas, statistical models of physical systems, and the development of chaos in simple mechanical and fluid systems.

His best-known contribution was in the development of the concepts of "scale invariance" and "universality" as they are applied to phase transitions. More recently, he has been involved in the understanding of singularities in fluid flow.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1962 - 1967
Fellow American Physical Society
Buckley Prize American Physical Society, 1977
Member National Academy of Sciences (US)
The Wolf Foundation Award, 1980
Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science
Elliott Cresson Medal, The Franklin Institute, 1986
Boltzmann Medal - IUPAP, 1989
Quantrell Award, The University of Chicago, 1990
Centennial Medal, Harvard University, 1990
Member American Philosophical Society, 1997
Onsager Prize, American Physical Society, 1998
Grande Medaille d'Or, Académie des Sciences de l'Institut de France, December, 1998
The National Medal of Science (US), 1999
The Ryerson Lectureship, University of Chicago, 2000
Honorary Doctor in Science, University of Copenhagen, 2000.
Lorentz Professorship, University of Leiden, 2003.
Onsager Medal, University of Trondheim, Trondheim Norway, 2004.
Onsager lectureship, Trondheim Technological Institute, 2005
Lorentz Medal, the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, 2006
Presidency, The American Physical Society, 2007

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Erratum: Trace for the loewner equation with singular forcing [Nonlinearity, 17 4, R41-R54 (2004)], P. Oikonomou, Leo P. Kadanoff and Marko Kleine Berkenbusch. Nonlinearity, 18 4, 937 (2005).

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