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Metal and Material Scientist

Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Metal Research Institute

He is one of the pioneers for the development of superalloys in China. Under his guidance, his research group developed the first generation of air cooled casting nickel-base superalloy turbine blades in China, developed the first iron-nickel base superalloy and hot-corrosion resistant casingt nickel-base superalloy, and invented technology of low segregation superalloy. He has emphasized the industrialization of their research achievements and made contributions to the production of superalloys in China.

He has won about 10 state-level academic prizes including natural sciences, progress of science and technology and technological inventions, won an international innovation award for real materials in 1997 due to invention of technology of low segregation superalloys.

He was elected as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1994, fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences in 1995. He is chief-editor of 5 academic magazines and is now Honorary President of Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS), honorary members of Japan Society for Metals and Japanese Materials Research Society (MRS-J), fellow of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) of USA.

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