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Professor at , University of TorontoDepartment of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Canada.

Stellar spectroscopy, binary and variable stars, atmospheres and winds of early type stars, and the solar-stellar connection.

He was the first to discover a black hole

Professor Bolton is a stellar spectroscopist whose primary interests are testing and improving our physical models for the structure, evolution, and atmospheres of massive stars. He has specialized in work on binary and variable stars and studies of any type of spectral variation. He is also interested in the solar-stellar connection. Most of his recent work has involved the use of time series of moderate to high resolution, high signal to noise line profiles to study structures in the photospheres and winds of massive stars in order to learn about the physical processes responsible for these structures. Some of this work has been done in multisite, multiwavelength campaigns.

He has also been obtaining high quality radial velocities to combine with optical interferometry to obtain accurate masses, radii, and luminosities of stars.

He is in the midst of analyzing a large body of ultraviolet and optical spectra of magnetic B stars with peculiar helium line strengths. These data are being used to map the abundance inhomogeneities in the photosphere and study the effects of the magnetic fields on radiatively driven the stellar winds from these stars.

Shore, S. N.; Bohlender, D. A.; Bolton, C. T.; North, P.; Hill, G. M.
Magnetically controlled circumstellar plasma in the helium-weak stars

Gies, D. R.; Bolton, C. T.; Fender, R.; Herrero, A.; Hillwig, T. C.; Kaper, L.; McSwain, M. V.; Thomson, J.; Wallace, D. J.; Wiita, P. J.
Wind Accretion and State Transitions in the Black Hole Binary Cyg X-1

Gies, D. R.; Bolton, C. T.; Thomson, J. R.; Huang, W.; McSwain, M. V.; Riddle, R. L.; Wang, Z.; Wiita, P. J.; Wingert, D. W.; Csák, B.; Kiss, L. L.
Wind Accretion and State Transitions in Cygnus X-1

Williams, A. M.; Gies, D. R.; Bagnuolo, W. G., Jr.; Berger, D. H.; Erling, P. A.; Fallon, T. J.; Harvin, J. A.; Huang, W.; Jao, W.-C.; Josephs, T. S.; and 7 coauthors (McFarland, J. P.; McSwain, M. V.; Riddle, R. L.; Wallace, D. J.; Wingert, D. W.; Fullerton, A. W.; Bolton, C. T.)
Detection of the Faint Companion in the Massive Binary HD 199579

Bolton, C. T.; Hurkens, R.
A perplexing binary system containing a supergiant Be star.

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