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Professor emeritus and Director, World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, Paris, France.

In 1983, as head of the Viral Oncology Unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, he and his colleagues discovered the human retrovirus later to be known as HIV-1, the etiologic agent of AIDS.

In 1985, his team isolated the second human AIDS virus, HIV-2, from West African patients. Since 1986, he has coordinated the work of a distinguished group of collaborators on the mechanisms of AIDS pathogenesis.

The main directions of his research are now the mechanisms by which HIV induces the decline of CD4 lymphocytes, the regulation of virus latency and expression, and HIV-induced encephalopathy. In 1991, his laboratory first described the high propensity of cultured lymphocytes from HIV-infected individuals to die by apoptosis, even though most cells were not infected. This phenomenon could account at least in part for the depletion of CD4 lymphocytes, which is the hallmark of the disease, and could be caused by the interaction of the virus coat protein with its receptor on the cell surface. Other mechanisms are also being investigated, such as chronic activation associated with oxidative stress. In particular he has been involved in the search for infectious cofactors of AIDS. Foremost among the possible cofactors is a newly discovered species of Mycoplasma, M. penetrans.

Rosen Prize(1971)
Gallien Prize (1985)
Jeantet Prize (19BG)
Lasker Prize (1986)
Gairdner Prize (1987)
Santé (1987)
Japan Prize (1988)
King Faisal Prize (1993)
Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Medicine (1994)
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2008)

Chevalier de la Légion d\'Honneur (1984)
Commandeur de l\'Ordre National du Mérite (1986)
Officier de la Légion d\'Honneur (1990) Commandeur de la Légion d\'Honneur (1993)

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