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Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

He holds the Thomas E. and Louise G. DiMaura Term Chair in Conservation Biology.

Technical Advisor to the Guanacaste Conservation Area, Costa Rica.

ecology and biodiversity of ecosystems.

1984 Crafoord Prize (Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences) "for his imaginative and stimulating studies on co-evolution which have inspired many researchers to further work in this field".
1993 Award for Improvement of Costa Rican Quality of Life, Universidad de Costa Rica (co-award with W. Hallwachs).
1994 Silver Medal Award, International Society of Chemical Ecology
1995 Conservation Biology Award, Society for Conservation Biology
1996 Thomas E. and Louise G. DiMaura Endowed Term Chair in Conservation Biology
1997 Kyoto Prize in Basic Science

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