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Professor Theoretical Physics

Spinoza Instituut and Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Gauge theories in elementary particle physics, Quantum gravity and black holes, Fundamental aspects of quantum physics.

Dannie Heineman Prize, New York, USA (1979), Leigh Page Prize Lecturer (1982), Wolf Prize of the State of Israel (1982), Pius XI Medal, Vatican (1983), Lorentz Medal, Amsterdam (1986), Physica Prize, Utrecht (1995), Franklin Medal, USA (1995), Spinoza Premium, Neth. Organization for Scientific Research NOW (1995), 2- 2-: Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Leuven, Belgium. (1996), The Gian Carlo Wick Commemorative Medal, World Federation of Scientists, Lausanne, Switzerland (1997), Honorary Doctorate at the University of Bologna, Italy (1998), Oskar Klein Silver Medal, Royal Academy of Sweden, Stockholm (1999), The 1999 High Energy Physics Prize, from the European Physical Society, 1999 Nobel Prize.

Memberships :
Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging, 1978 (honorary member 2000).
Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor Wetenschappen (Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences), 26-4-82.
Koninklijke Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten van België (Foreign Member), 17-12-81.
Hollandsche Maatschappij der wetenschappen, 14-5-83.
National Academy of Sciences (USA), Foreign Associate, 1984.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Foreign Honorary Member, 14-5-86.
Académie des Sciences, Paris, Associé étranger, 1995
Institute of Physics (London), Fellow and Chartered Physicist, 2000.

The glorious days of physics, Renormalization of Gauge Theories, in "From the Planck Length to the Hubble Radius", Proc. Int. School of Subnuclear Physics, Erice 1998, Subnuclear Series Vol. 36, pp. 434-454, Ed. A. Zichichi, World Scientific, 2000, ISBN 9810241909,prepr. SPIN-1998/18, hep-th/9812203.

Topological Aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics , in "From the Planck Length to the Hubble Radius", Proc. Int. School of Subnuclear Physics, Erice 1998, Subnuclear Series Vol. 36, pp. 216-236, Ed. A. Zichichi, World Scientific, 2000, ISBN 9810241909, prepr. SPIN-1998/19, hep-th/9812204.

The Physics of Instantons in the Pseudoscalar and Vector Meson Mixing, SPIN-1999/01, hep-th/9903189.

Quantum Gravity as a Dissipative Deterministic System, SPIN-1999/07, gr-qc/9903084; Class. Quant. Grav. 16 (1999) 3263; also published in: Fundamental Interactions: from symmetries to black holes (Conference held on the occasion of the "Eméritat" of François Englert, 24-27 March 1999, ed. by J.-M. Frère et al, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, p. 221.

From electrical engineering via magnetical and coloral engineering to gravitational engineering, Closing Lecture, in Fundamental Interactions: from symmetries to black holes (Conference held on the occasion of the "Eméritat" of François Englert, 24-27 March 1999, ed. by J.-M. Frère et al, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, p. 287.

The Limits of Our Imagination in Elementary Particle Theory, Opening Lecture, in Highlights of Subnuclear Physics, 50 years later (Erice, Aug.-Sept. 1997), A. Zichichi, ed., The Subnuclear Series, Vol. 35, p. 1, World Scientific, 1999.

The Holographic Principle, Opening Lecture , in Basics and Highlights in Fundamental Physics, The Subnuclear series, Vol. 37, World Scientific, 2001 (Erice, August 1999), A. Zichichi, ed., pp. 72-100, SPIN-2000/06, hep-th/0003004.

Determinism and Dissipation in Quantum Gravity, presented at Basics and Highlights in Fundamental Physics, The Subnuclear series, Vol. 37, World Scientific, 2001 (Erice, August 1999), A. Zichichi, ed., pp. 397-430, SPIN-2000/07, hep-th/0003005.

A Confrontation with Infinity, Nobel Lecture in Physics 1999, Reviews of Mod. Phys. 72 (2000) 333. In slightly modified form: in Proceedings of the International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Modern Physics, S.H. Connel and R. Tegen, eds, World Scientific, 2001, pp 317 - 331, and in: Highlights of Mathematical Physics, A Fokas et al, Eds., American Mathematical Society, ISBN 0-8218-3223-9, pp 243 - 254.

A Confrontation with Infinity, preceeded by an autobiography, in Les Prix Nobel 1999, Norstedts Tryckeri, Stockholm 2000, pp. 51 - 74. Reprinted in: Nobel Lectures, Including Presentation Speeches and Laureates' Biobraphies, PHYSICS 1996 - 2000, G. Ekspong, ed., World Scientific, pp. 347 - 370.

Obstacles on the way towards the Quantization of Space, Time And Matter - and possible resolutions, Stud. Hist. Phil. Mod. Phys., Vol. 32 No 2, pp. 157-180, 2001, SPIN-2000/20.

Can there be Physics without Experiments? Challenges and Pittfalls (revised version of the Oskar Klein Lecture, Stockholm, June 1. 1999), SPIN-2000/24, Int. Journal of Modern Physics A 16 (2001) 2895-2908.

Lectures given at the 5th WE Heraeus Summer School, Saalburg/Germany, September 1999, on "Monopoles, Instantons and Confinement", SPIN-2000/28, hep-th/0010225.

Quantum Chromodynamics (Abstract only), Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 9 (2000) 11-12, 925-926.

Holography and Quantum Gravity (Summary), in Supersymmetry in the Theories of Fields, Strings and Branes, Proceedings of the Advanced School, Santiago de Compostella, Spain, 26-31 July, 1999, J.L.F. Barbon and J.M.F. Labastida eds. (World Scientific, Singapore) pp. 153-155.

The Discovery of the Renormalizability of Non-Abelian Gauge Theories (Closing Lecture), in Proceedings of the International School of Subnuclear Physics, Subnuclear series, volume 38: Theory and Experiment Heading for New Physics, Erice 2000, A. Zichichi, ed., World Scientific, p. 656, SPIN-2001/03.

Determinism in Free Bosons, SPIN-2001/07, ITP-UU-01/14, hep-th/0104080, to be published in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics, (Feb 2003.)

How Does God Play Dice? (Pre-)Determinism at the Planck Scale, in Quantum [Un]speakables, From Bell to Quantum Information, R.A. Bertlmann and A. Zeilinger, eds, ISBN 3-540-42756-2 Springer Verlag, pp 307-316. SPIN-2001/09, ITP-UU-01/15, hep-th/0104219.

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Can Quantum mechanics be reconciled with Cellular Automata?, lecture given at the Conference on "Digital Perspective in Physics", Arlington, July 25, 2001. SPIN-2002/15, to be published in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics, (Feb 2003.)

The Universe of the Elementary Particles, talk given at CEA Cadarache, France, July 2002. ITP-2002/32, SPIN-2002/20.

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Horizons. Erice Lecture Notes (2003), ITF-UU-04/01, SPIN-04/01, gr-qc/0401027.

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A theory of everything? - Nature 433 (2005) 257-259.

The Conceptual Basis of Quantum Field Theory, to be published in Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, Elsevier.

50 Years of Yang-Mills Theory, Ed. G. 't Hooft, World Scientific 2005, ISBN 981-238-934-2 / 981-256-007-6 (pbk)

Kronkels in ruimte en tijd, quantummechanica, en het landschap der snaren.

The Holographic Mapping of the Standard Model onto the Black Hole Horizon, Part I: Abelian Vector Field, Scalar Field and BEH Mechanism, Class. Quantum Grav. 22 (2005) 4179-4188, ITP-UU-05/17, SPIN-05/13, gr-qc/0504120 (Note: some sign corrections and further elucidations in the published version).

Does God play dice? , Physics World, 18, No. 12, December 2005.

Unravelling Nature's Elementary Building Blocks - Challenges of Big Science, presented at the Einstein Symposium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, June 4, 2005.

Voorwoord. Jaarboek 2005 van de Vereniging voor Technische Fysica, Delft.

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Invariance under complex transformations, and its relevance to the cosmological constant problem, with S. Nobbenhuis, ITP-UU-06/06, SPIN-06/04, gr-qc/0602076, Class. Quant. Grav., to be publ..

Het einde van de informatierevolutie - De wet van Moore is less. Bres, Tijdschrift voor wetenschap en verwondering 236, feb/maart 2006, pp. 73-78.

The mathematical basis for deterministic quantum mechanics, ITP-UU-06/14, SPIN-06/12, quant-ph/0604008

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