ALFEROV, ZHORES IVANOVICH / Fisica / Investigadores

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Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.
Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Science.
Chairman of the Presidium of the St.Petersburg Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science.
Director of the Ioffe Physics and Technics Institute.

Fundamental works on Physics of semiconductors, semiconductor devices, and semiconductor and quantum electronics.
Participated in creating the first Russian transistors and bull germanic rectifins.
Semiconductor heterostructures and gears on their basis, which are the recent trend in Physics of semi-conductors and semiconductor electronics engineering.

2000 Nobel Laureate in Physics : "for developing semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed- and opto-electronics".

Zh.I. Alferov : "Semiconductor Heterostructures : Physical Processes and Applications" (Advances in Science and Technology in the Ussr)

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