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Mathematisches Institut
Universität Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany

Kreck's area of specialty is topology, he is particularly interested in differential topology.

He considers himself as a geometer. The central objects of modern geometry are manifolds. These are spaces which locally look like Euclidean spaces. They are models for most physical spaces. For example, the surface of the earth is a 2-dimensional manifold called the 2-sphere. He is mostly interested in the interplay between local and global aspects of manifolds. In geometry, one adds more information to a manifold, namely a metric which allows to speak about the distance between two points. In most of his research the metric does not play a role. But it is almost always in the background.

Professor Kreck is particularly interested in the classification of manifolds. This tries to single out certain characteristics of a manifold, ideally in such a way that they determine the manifold completely. The classification of all manifolds is impossible (in the strict sense it is an unsolvable problem). He always was attracted by classes of manifolds which occur in “daily life”, e.g. in algebraic geometry as solutions of certain polynomial equations, in differential geometry as manifolds with special curvature properties or in physics. The most important tools for classification are homology theories. These are very delicate algebraic measures for the complexity of a space. Apart from using for this the established homology theories, he has constructed various new homology theories.

Recently, he was particularly attracted by a problem which is around for several decades, namely the question whether manifolds admitting a symmetry are less typical than those admitting no symmetry. On the one hand he is interested in constructing examples of asymmetric manifolds and on the other hand he is thinking about a precise formulation of the above vague statement.

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