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Mesoamerican archaeologist
Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Alabama, USA.

Diehl's research focuses on the preColumbian cultures of central Mexico and the Olmec culture of the tropical lowlands of the Mexican Gulf coast. His research includes field projects at Tula, San Lorenzo, Tenochtitlan, Matacapan, Kaminaljuyu, settlement pattern surveys in the Basin of Mexico, and ethnographic research on contemporary settlement patterns in the Basin of Mexico and peasant agriculture in the tropical lowlands of Veracruz. His theoretical and topical interests include the origins of civilizations, preindustrial urbanism, comparative studies of civilization, preColumbian art history, and the history of archaeology. Much of Diehl's professional involvement centers on training graduate students. He particularly tries to involve students in his own research and strongly encourages them to utilize materials from these projects in their theses. He views his professional relationship with students as one of symbiosis in which all parties benefit. His role is that of a mentor who trains students by taking a very active role in their intellectual and scholarly development.

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