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Professor and Associate Chair, Anthropology Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.

Thèmes de recherche

Andean complex civilizations

- Topical : Settlement and subsistence patterns; early agricultural economies; preindustrial urbanism; pre-Hispanic architecture; pre-Hispanic irrigation and water management technology; Colonial Period and Spanish contact settlements; GIS/Remote Sensing; Quaternary geomorphology, climatology and tectonics.

- Area Interests : Peru, Bolivia, Chile, South America, the Caribbean, Florida & Southeast Gulf Coast.

Foreign Field Research :
Excavation of Lower Paleolithic (Acheulean) site, Ambrona, Spain, under F.C.
Howell, 1963.
Survey and excavation of Cauca Valley sites, Colombia, Assistant Director,
Cambrige University (England), Second Colombian Expedition, 1964.
Excavation of preceramic and early agricultural sites in central Peru, 1966-67.
Survey and excavation of urban and pre-urban sites in the Moche Valley, Peru,
as Director of the Chan Chan-Moche Valley Project, 1969-75.
Reconnaissance of Tiwanaku and related Bolivian sites, north highlands, Bolivia,
as Advisor to the Instituto Nacional de Arqueologia, 1976, 1978-79.
Survey, mapping, and excavation of Pre-Hispanic irrigation systems, northern
Peru, as Project Director, 1976-1980.
Survey and excavations of Historic sites in Tobago, as Project Director, 1989-92.
Exploration of archaeological sites in the Department of Moquegua, southern
Peru, as Senior Scientist , Programa Contisuyo, 1980-Present.


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1991 "Structure and History in the Dynastic Lore of Chimor," in The Northern Dynasties: Kingship and Statecraft in Chimor., (M. E. Moseley and A. Cordy-Collins eds.) pp. 1-42, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C.

1992 "Maritime Foundations and Multilinear Evolution: Retrospect and Prospect," Andean Past 3:5-42.

1992 The Incas and Their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru. 272 pp. Thames and Hudson, London.

1994 "New Light on the Horizon," Review of Archaeology 15:(2) 26-41.

1997 "Catastrofes Convergentes: Perspectivas Geoarqueological Sobre Desatres Naturales Colaterales en los Andes Centrales," in Historia y Desastres en America Latina, (V. Garcia Acosta ed.) pp 59-76, La Red, Lima.

1997 "Climate, Culture and Punctuated Change: New Data, New Challenges," The Review of Archaeology 18:(1) 19-28.

1998 "Andean Coastal Adaptations: Uniformitarianism and Multilinear Evolution," in Pacific Latin America in Prehistory, (Michale Balke ed,), pp. 171-180, Washington State University Press.

1999 "Preposterism: Oxymorons of Post-Modern Prehistory", The Review of Archaeology 20:(1)1-11.

1999 "Convergent Catastrophie: Past Patterns and Future Implications of Collateral Natural Disasters in the Andes".

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