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Honorary Professor,
Edinburgh University School of Mathematics,
Mathematical Physics Research Group.

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In the 1960s Atiyah, with Isaac Singer of MIT, proved powerful and far-reaching "index theorems" making profound connections between geometry, topology and algebra relating to the physics of quantum operators in quantum field theory. He has also developed a branch of algebraic geometry called K theory. These advanced mathematical methods, as well as many others he has developed or inspired, have had an immeasurable influence on modern theoretical physics.

Prix et récompenses

Fields Medal Awarded (1966)
Fellow of the Royal Society (Elected 1962)
Royal Society Copley Medal Awarded (1988)
Royal Society Royal Medal Awarded (1968)
Royal Society Bakerian lecturer (1975)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Elected (1985)
London Maths Society President (1974 - 1976)
LMS De Morgan Medal Awarded (1980)
LMS Berwick Prize winner (1961)
Honorary Fellow of the Edinburgh Maths Society Elected (1979)
AMS Colloquium Lecturer (1973)
AMS Gibbs Lecturer (1991)


Professor Atiyah is the author of Introduction to commutative Algebra (with I.G. MacDonald)K-Theory, both of which are classics of twentieth Century mathematics.

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