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Professor Emeritus of Social Science, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Thèmes de recherche

Clifford Geertz has conducted extensive ethnographical research in Southeast Asia and North Africa. He has also contributed to social and cultural theory and been influential in turning anthropology toward a concern with the frames of meaning within which various peoples live out their lives. He has worked on religion, most particularly Islam, on bazaar trade, on economic development, on traditional political structures, and on village and family life. He is at present working on the general question of ethnic diversity and its implications in the modern world.

Prix et récompenses

Social Science Prize (Talcott Parsons Prize), American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1974.
Sorokin Prize, American Sociological Association, 1974.
Huxley Memorial Lecturer and Medallist, Royal Anthropological Institute, 1983.
Distinguished Scholar Award, Association for Asian Studies, 1987.
National Book Critics Circle Prize in Criticism, 1988.
Horace Mann Distinguished Alumnus Award, Antioch College, 1992.
Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prize (Academic, International), 1992.


Available Light : Anthropological Reflections on Philosophical Topics (2000)
After the Fact : Two Countries, Four Decades, One Anthropologist (1995)
The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays (1993)
Parshanut Shel Tarbuyot (1990)
Works and Lives: The Anthropologist As Author (1988)
Dichte Beschreibung: Beitrage Zum Verstehen Kultureller Systeme (1987)
Local Knowledge: Further Essays in Interpretive Anthropology (1983)
Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali (1980)
Meaning and Order in Moroccan Society: Three Essays in Cultural Analysis (1979)
The Religion of Java (1976)
The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays (1973)
Islam Observed : Religious Development in Morocco and Indonesia (1971)
Agricultural Involution: The Process of Ecological Change in Indonesia (1963)

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