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Professor and Chair at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.
Brown High Pressure Mineral Physics Research Group

Thèmes de recherche

Experimental and theoretical mineral physics

The overwhelming majority of Earth's interior is not accessible to direct sampling or observation. Most of our understanding is based on remote sensing techniques (e.g., seismology). To interpret such observations, it is essential to have complimentary laboratory measurements. In his High-Pressure Mineral Physics Laboratory, Prof. Brown and his research group have an interdisciplinary program involving a variety of experimental and theoretical approaches. They seek an understanding of Earth based on an atomic-level understanding of constituent minerals. The underlying goal is an understanding of the thermal and compositional state of the Earth's interior and its contribution to observed dynamical behavior.

Current high pressure/high temperature work includes :
(1) measurement of elastic constants and thermal diffusivities of mineral under mantle conditions,
(2) studies of equations of state and viscosities of fluids, and
(3) measurements of elastic constants of metals under conditions approaching Earth's core. These data provide a comprehensive framework for the understanding of how Earth and other planets work.

Prix et récompenses

Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, 2000
Néel Medalist, European Geophysical Society, 2002: in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fertilization of the Earth Sciences by the transfer and application of fundamental theory and/or experimental techniques of solid-state physics.


(abstracts removed)

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