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Directeur de recherches à l'École polytechnique - Laboratoire de mécanique des solides.

Thèmes de recherche

Dynamique : Analyse et Identification - Fatigue, Contact, Interfaces et Discontinuités


The sliding interface crack with friction between elastic and rigid bodies
Bui Huy Duong, Oueslati Abdelbacet
J. Mech. Phys. Solids, Vol. 53, (2005), p. 1397-1421

Numerical identification of linear crack in 2D elastodynamics using the instantaneous reciprocity gap
Bui Huy Duong, Constantinescu Andrei, Maigre Hubert
Inverse, Vol. 20, (2004), p. 993

A novel inverse problem in gamma-rays emission imaging
Nguyen K., Mai Truong T., Bui Huy Duong, Delarbre J.L.
Inverse problems in sciences & engineering, Vol. 12, (2004), p. 225--246

Solutions exactes de fissure d'interface sous contact frottant avec un milieu indéformable
Oueslati Abdelbacet, Bui Huy Duong
C.R. Mecanique, Vol. 332, (2004), p. 709-716

Hydrostatic interaction of a wetting fluid and a circular crack in an elastic material
Feraille-Fresnet A., Bui Huy Duong, Ehrlacher Alain
Mechanics of Material, Vol. 35, (2003), p. 581--586

Determination of the Electronic Density in a Medium by an Inverse Method based on Double-Compton Scattering in Transmission Imaging
Truong T.T., Nguyen K., Bui Huy Duong
4th International Conference on Inverse Problems in Engineering : Theory and Practic2 (May 26-31, Brazil), (2002)

Background on Fracture Mechanics
Bui Huy Duong, Leblond Jean-Baptiste, Stalin-Muller Nadine
Handbook of Materials Behavior Models, Vol. 2, (2001), p. 549--565

Reciprocity Principle and Crack Identification in Transient Thermal Problems
Ben Abda A., Bui Huy Duong
J. Inv. Ill-posed Problems, Vol. 9 (1), (2001), p. 1--6

A Thermodynamic Analysis of Wear
Bui Huy Duong, Dragon-Louiset Marta, Stolz Claude, (2001), p. 768-776, Academic Press, Handbook of Materials Behaviour Models

Spatial localization of the error of constitutive law for the identification of defects in elastic bodies
Bui Huy Duong, Constantinescu Andrei
Arch. Mech., Vol. 52, (2000), p. 511--522

On discontinuous stresses at the interface of a bimaterial thermo-elasto-plastic body
Bui Huy Duong, Dang Van Ky, Taheri S
Advances in Natural Sciences, Vol. 1 (1), (2000), p. 79--84

On viscous Fluid Flow Near a Moving Crack
Bui Huy Duong, Guyon C., Thomas B.
Continuum Thermomechanics: the Arts & Sciences of modeling material behavior, Paul Germain's Anniversary Volume, (2000), p. 63--74, Maugin et al (Eds.), Kluwer Acad. Publ.

On Prandt'l's lifting equation arising in wear mechanics
Dragon-Louiset Marta, Bui Huy Duong, Stolz Claude
Arch. Mech, Vol. 52,(4-5), (2000), p. 547-567

On the role of fluids in the cracks of elastic materials", in Continuous Damage and Fracture
Feraille-Fresnet A., Bui Huy Duong, Ehrlacher Alain
Continuous Damage and Fracture, (2000), p. 53--64, Benallal A. (Ed.), Elsevier

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