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Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Richard Carl Dehmel Distinguished Professor
Chief Scientist of CITRIS, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society

Thèmes de recherche

CITRIS is the Center for Information Technology Research in the interest of Society, a new $300M multicampus research center with the mandate of creating information technology to tackle society's most critical needs. Initial CITRIS research will focus on energy efficiency, transportation, disaster response, health care, education and environmental monitoring.

SUGAR is a simulation tool for MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), tiny sensors and actuators that form a pillar of CITRIS's approach to solving large scale societal problems. SUGAR is used by many researchers in the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC).

BeBOP is Berkeley Benchmarking and OPtimization Group. We work on automatic performance optimization of numerical kernels, tuning them to run as fast as possible for particular architectures and sometimes particular inputs.

Millennium is a campus-wide project to provide hardward and sofware facilities for high performance computing. My activities are to provide algorithms, software and advice to best facilitate computational science and engineering on campus.

The Complexity of Accurate Floating Point Computation.

Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems: This book gives a unified overview of the theory, algorithms and practical software for eigenvalue problems. It organizes this large body of material to make it accessible for the first time to experts and non-experts who need to choose the best state-of-the-art algorithms and software for their problems.

LAPACK - Linear Algebra PACKage for high performance workstations and shared memory parallel computers.

ScaLAPACK - Scalable Linear Algebra PACKage for high performance distributed memory parallel computers,

SuperLU, implementations of sparse Gaussian Elimination for high performance parallel machines

Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems: Building Blocks for Iterative Methods is a hyper-text book on iterative methods for solving systems of linear equations.

Prix et récompenses

IEEE Fellow, 2001
National Academy of Engineering, 1999
ACM Fellow, 1999
NSF-CBMS Lecturer on Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra, San Francisco, 1995
J. H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, 1993
SIAG on Linear Algebra Prize 1991 (with W. Kahan) and 1988
Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1986
IBM Faculty Development Award, 1985

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