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Assistant professor, Archaeology and History of Art Department, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Thèmes de recherche

Archaeology of Anatolia and the eastern Mediterranean; Early Iron Age through Archaic Periods; Troy; Ancient Religion; Ceramics; Archaeological Theory

Fieldwork conducted at the sites of Troy and Seddülbahir in Turkey. Research interests include the study of Troy and the Trojan War, ancient religious practices, ceramics, individual/community interactions and architecture.

Teaching Subjects : World History. European History. Ancient History. Mythology and Ancient Religion. Classical Archaeology. Archaeological Theory. Anatolian Archaeology.

Fieldwork and Research Projects

Specialist for the study and publication of Protogeometric, Geometric and Archaic phases (1999–present)
Ceramic analyst (1996–1998)
Excavator (1995)

Member of the Documentation, Excavation, and Conservation project at the Ottoman fortress of Seddülbahir, directed by Lucienne Thys-?enocak and Rahmi N. Çelik (2005–present)
Director of excavations (2005–2006)

Pergamon, Turkey
Member of a collaborative project with the Pergamon excavation team, the city of Bergama, Mimar Sinan University and Istanbul Technical University to improve the site management and education programs (2008–present)

Excavator (1992–1994)
Assistant Registrar (1992–1993)


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Forthcoming Publications

“City and Citadel at Troy in the Late Bronze Age through the Roman Period.”
Co-author with C. B. Rose. In Cities and Citadels, eds. S. Redford and N. Ergin, Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series, Leuven,

“Migration and Integration at Troy from the End of the Late Bronze Age to the Iron Age.” Co-author with P. Hnila. In Nostoi: Indigenous Culture, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia During the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. Conference Proceedings, eds. N. Stampolidis, Ç. Maner, K. Kopanias

“The West Sanctuary at Troy: Protogeometric, Geometric and Archaic Periods”
Studia Troica final report series, Philipp von Zabern.


Review of Susan Langdon, Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece 1100-700
B.C.E. (Cambridge University Press). American Journal of Archaeology 113, 2009, pp. 663–664.

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