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Professor of European Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University, UK.

Research interests

European archaeology especially in first millenum BC and early first millenium AD. Focusing on social and economic dynamics and the relationships between the Mediterranean world and 'barbarian' Europe.

Current Activities : Current work is on Atlantic trade systems, cultural interaction and state formation in Southern Iberia and social hierarchies in Central Southern Britain.

- The communities of the Atlantic Façade
- The Iron Age communities of Britain,
- State formation in Andalucía


Recent Books :
1994 (ed.: Intro. and two chapters) The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe (Oxford University Press), 532 pp.
1994 Rome and Her Empire (second edition) (Constable: London), 320 pp.
1994 Rome et son Empire (Fr. edn. Inter-Livres)
1995 Iron Age Britain (Batsford: London), 128 pp.
1995 (ed. with Keay, S.) Social Complexity and the Development of Towns in Iberia. From the Copper Age to the Second Century AD (= Proc. Brit. Academy 86), 476 pp.
1996 Roman Bath (Batsford: London), 128 pp.
2001 Facing the Ocean (Oxford: OUP), 580 pp (600 with Index).

Recent Monographs :
1988 (ed.) The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath. Vol. 2: The Finds from the Sacred Spring (OUCA Monograph 16: Oxford), 362 pp.
1988 Mount Batten, Devon. An Iron Age and Roman Port (OUCA Monograph 26: Oxford), 108 pp.
1991 (with Poole, C.) Danebury: an Iron Age Hillfort in Hampshire. Vol. 4 The excavations 1979-1988: the site. Vol. 5 The excavations 1979-1988: the finds (CBA Res. Rep. 73), 493 pp.
1994 (with Garratt, B.) Excavations at Portchester Castle. Vol. V: Post Medieval, 1609-1819 (Soc. Ant. Res. Rep. 52: London), 177 pp.
1995 Danebury. An Iron Age Hillfort in Hampshire. Vol. 6 A hillfort community in perspective (CBA Res. Rep. 102: York), 296 pp.

Papers in refereed Journals (selected) :
1990 Before Hillforts. Oxford Journ. Arch. 9, 323-36.
1990 Publishing in the City. Antiquity 64, 667-71.
1991 Fishbourne revisited: the site and its context. Journ. Roman Arch. 4, 160-4.
1991 (with Fernandez Castro, Ma-C.) Torreparedones 1991. Campaña de estudio de materiales in forme sobre los materiales ceramicos ibericos del carte 3 (Campaña de 1990). Anuario Arqueológico de Andalucía 1991. II Actividades sistematicas (Cadiz), 150-7.
1992 Pits, preconceptions and propitiation in the British Iron Age. Oxford Journ. Arch. 11, 69-83.
1994 After hillforts. Oxford Journ. Arch. 13, 71-84.
1994 Le Câtel de Rozel, Jersey: The Excavations of 1988-90. Antiq. Journ. 72, 18-53.
1995 (with Galliou, P.) Le Yaudet, Ploulec'h, Côtes d'Armor, Brittany. An interim report on the excavations of 1991-4. Antiq. Journ. 75, 43-70.

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