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Professor, Head of Theoretical Physics, School of Physics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Fellow of Australian Academy of Science.
Fellow of Australian Institute of Physics.

Research interests

His research interests include a number of challenging problems in atomic , nuclear, elementary particle, solid state physics and astrophysics: violation of the fundamental symmetries (parity, time invariance), test of the theories of Grand Unification of elementary particles and their interactions, search for spatial and temporal variation of the fundamental constants in the Universe from the Big Bang to the present time (such variation is predicted by theories unifying gravity with other interactions), many-body theory and high-precision atomic calculations, quantum chaos and statistical theory, high-temperature superconductivity, mesoscopic systems and conductance quantization.

Prizes and awards

1981 : USSR Academy of Science (Siberian Division) Award
1983 : Lenin Komosomol Prize for Science
1992 : Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics (FAIP)
2000 : Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (FAA)
2002 : Centenary Medal received from the Australian Government
2005 : Argonne Fellowship received


* Spin hedgehog & collective magnetic quadrupole moments induced by parity & time invariance violating interaction. Phys. Lett. B., 320, 211 (1994).

* The hole-hole superconducting pairing in t-J model induced by the long-range spin-wave exchange. V.V. Flambaum, M. Yu. Kuchiev & O.P. Sushkov, Physica C, 219 (1994).

* Dynamical enhancement of weak interactions & Quantum Chaos. Proc. 85th Nobel Symposium (World Scientific, 1993), Physica Scripta T46, 198 (1993).

* Matrix elements between compound states & dynamical enhancement of weak interaction. V.V. Flambaum & O.K. Vorov, Phys. Rev. Lett., 70, 4051 (1993).

* Many-body perturbation theory calculations in heavy atoms with open shells. V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Flambaum, P.G. Silvestrov & O.P. Sushkov, Phys. Rev. A44(5), 2828 (1991).

* Space-time variation of physical constants and relativistic corrections in atoms. V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Flambaum, J.K. Webb, Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 888-891, 1999; 82, 884-887, 1999.

* Nuclear anapole moment and tests of the standard model. V.V. Flambaum, in Atomic Physics 16 (Proc., 16th International Conference on Atomic Physics, 1998).

* Quantum chaos in many-body systems: what can we learn from the Ce atom? V.V. Flambaum, A.A. Gribakina, G.F. Gribakin, and I.V. Ponomarev. Physica D131, 205-220 (1999).

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