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Solid State Experimental Physicist

Principal Research Officer, Institute for Microstructural Sciences, Surfaces and Interfaces Group, National Research Council of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Research interests

Lockwood has pioneered applications of inelastic light scattering spectroscopy to the study of layered compounds (University of Canterbury, 1965–1969), solvated ions (University of Waterloo, 1970–1971), structural phase transitions (University of Edinburgh, 1972–1978), magnetic excitations (Light Scattering in Magnetic Solids with Michael G. Cottam, Wiley, 1986) and semiconductor heterostructures (National Research Council of Canada, 1978–).

His latest research on the optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures (Light Emission in Silicon, Academic, 1998; Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Alexander Efros and Leonid Tsybeskov, Plenum, 2003; Silicon Photonics with Lorenzo Pavesi, Springer, 2004) has attracted wide attention.

Prizes and awards

2005 Brockhouse Medal of the Canadian Association of Physicists for Outstanding Achievement in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics.

2005 Tory Medal, Royal Society of Canada.


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