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Professor at the Department of Physics and Member of the Institute for Optical Sciences,University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada,
Principal investigator in Photonics Research Ontario (the former Ontario Laser and Lightwave Research Centre),
Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research,
Affiliate member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Principal investigator in the Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations,
Director of U of T's Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control.

Research interests

Experimental laser cooling and quantum optics

Professor Steinberg works at the forefront of experimental quantum optics and quantum information.

He is internationally known for his seminal work, both experimental and theoretical, on "superluminal" effects in tunnelling and optical propagation, as well as for his ongoing projects using ultracold atoms and entangled photons to study the subtle mysteries of quantum mechanics along with their potential applications to information processing. Dr. Steinberg has rapidly become a world leader in two major areas of quantum physics.

Prizes and awards

1996 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in AMO Physics Recipient
2006 Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics


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