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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and director of the Center for Narcolepsy at Stanford University.

Research interests

Dr. Mignot is internationally recognized as having discovered the cause of narcolepsy. His laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach, including epidemiology, genetics and animal models, to study sleep disorders and sleep physiology.

He is also known for his discovery of a polymorphism of the \"clock\" gene that appears to alter individuals\' internal biorhythms and for the finding of a gene variant that predisposes to sleep apnea.

Prizes and awards

Dr. Mignot has received numerous research grants and honors, including National Sleep Foundation and National Institute of Health Research Awards, the Narcolepsy Network professional service award, the Drs. C. and F. Demuth 11th Award for Young Investigators in the Neurosciences, the WC Dement Academic Achievement Award in sleep disorders medicine, the CINP and ACNP awards in neuropharmacology and the Jacobaeus prize.


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