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Professor of Anthropology, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, Institute for Human Origins, Arizona State University, USA.

Research interests

My theoretical interests cover the evolutionary ecology of human behavior, and the evolutionary history of later hominins. I have worked on foraging theory, time allocation problems, food sharing, life history theory, parental investment, divisions of labor, cognition and social status, culture and the emergence of hyper-cooperative behavior. My applied work has included conservation biology and resource management, land rights issues, health issues, and the ethics of anthropological research.

Prizes and awards

1997-98 Fieldwork in Paraguay, June to July.
1996 Fieldwork in Paraguay, Jan, May-June, October, December
1995 Fieldwork in Paraguay, Jan-Feb, June-August, Nov.
1994 Fieldwork in Paraguay, March, May-August
1993 Fieldwork in Paraguay, June and July
1992 Field site survey in Chihuahua, Mexico, November
1992 Fieldwork in Paraguay, July and August.
1991-1992 Fieldwork in Venezuela, December and January
1990 Fieldwork in Venezuela and Paraguay, May to August.
1989 Fieldwork in Paraguay, May to July.
1987-1988 Fieldwork in Paraguay and Venezuela, July to July.
1986 Fieldwork in Peru with Yaminahua, Machiguenga, May to October.
1985 Fieldwork in Venezuela with the Hiwi, September to December.
1984-1985 Fieldwork in Paraguay with the Ache, September to March.
1983 Fieldwork in Peru with the Mashco-Piro, October-December.
1981-1982 Fieldwork in Paraguay with the Ache, September to April.
1980 Fieldwork in Paraguay with the Ache, March to July.
1977-1979 Fieldwork in Paraguay with the Ache, September to March.
1975 Fieldwork with Nahuatl in Veracruz, Mexico, May to September.


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