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Professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California,
Director of the Jane Goodall Research Center

Research interests

Evolutionary studies: altruism and group selection, moral evolution, evolution of political behavior in apes and humans, language evolution, rational decisions in evolutionary process.

Primates: conflict resolution, anti-hierarchical behavior, vocal communication.

Political anthropology: egalitarianism, decision behavior, feuding, tribal warfare.

Legal anthropology: conflict management, social control.

Major Research Projects :

"The Evolution of Moral Communities".

Laboratory analysis of wild chimpanzee vocal communication, at Jane Goodall Research Center, USC, 1994-1997.
Direction of field investigation of free-ranging chimpanzee social behavior at Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, using Hi-8 videotape research technology, 1992-1994.

Data analysis: videotaped materials on conflict-resolution behavior of free-ranging chimpanzees, 1989-1990.

Summer field research developing recording techniques for study of long-distance vocal communication of free-ranging chimpanzees, Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, 6 weeks, 1989.

Field study of developmental aspects of conflict-resolution behavior among free-ranging chimpanzees. Data collection at Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania. Data analysis spring semester 1988 and spring semester 1989. Two years, 1987-1989.

Summer field research on long-distance vocal communication behavior of free-ranging chimpanzees, Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, 2 months 1987.

Data analysis: long-distance vocal communication behavior of free-ranging chimpanzees, spring semester 1987.

Summer field research on long-distance vocal communication behavior of free-ranging chimpanzees, Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, 2 months 1986.

Field research on chimpanzee conflict resolution behavior, Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, fall semester 1985.

Library research and writing on natural history of morality, academic year 1984- 1985.

Summer field work and documentary research on triadic interactions among free-ranging chimpanzees at Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, 3 months 1984.

Sociolinguistic field research on negotiation behavior, urban USA, 1 month 1983.

Research on egalitarianism in its social, political and biological aspects, at Harvard University, 7 months 1981-1982.

Research on conflict resolution among nonhuman primates, Tozzer Library, 2 months 1982.

Research on the early evolution of morality, Tozzer Library, 2 months 1981.: Conflict resolution in humans and in nonhuman primates; hunter-gatherers and egalitarian societies, chimpanzee social behavior. Fieldwork in Yugoslavia and Tanzania.


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