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Directeur de recherches au Centre national de la recherche scientifique et Professeur à l'École polytechnique, Laboratoire de mécanique des solides, Palaiseau, France.

Research interests

Micromécanique des matériaux.

Prizes and awards

Membre de l'Académie des Sciences.


Micro-mechanical modelling of small and large strain behaviour of particulate nanocomposites
Chabert Emmanuelle, Bornert Michel, Cavaille J. Y., Dendievel R., Gauthier R., Zaoui Andre
12th International Conference on deformation, yield and fracture polymers, (2003), Cambridge

Stastical and numerical analysis of the nonlinear behaviour of a porous material with a heterogeneous distribution of pores
Bilger Nicolas, Bornert Michel, Auslender Francois, Michel J. C., Moulinec H., Suquet P, Zaoui Andre
9th, (2003), p. 1-6, on CD-Rom, Geneve

Micromecanical investigation of the effect of defect clustering on the brittle-ductile transition of a nuclear vessel steel
Bilger Nicolas, Auslender Francois, Bornert Michel, Michel J. C., Moulinec H., Suquet P, Zaoui Andre
NATO advanced research workshop, in Nonlinear homogenization and its application to composites, polycrystals and smart material, (2003), Poland

Le cycle du fer ou le recyclage durable de l'acier
Birat J., Zaoui Andre
8eme Congres de genie des procedes, Revue de Metallurgie, (2003), p. 22pp

Identification of behavior by inverse method performed on local deformation, Dislocations plasticity and metal forming
Hoc Th., Crepin Jerome, Zaoui Andre
proceedings of Plasticity 03, (2003), p. 433-435, editors S. Kahn, R. Kazmi, J. Zhou, Quebec

A procedure for identifying the plastic behaviour of single crystals fro: the local response of polycrystals
Hoc Th., Crepin Jerome, Gelebart L., Zaoui Andre
Acta Mater , Vol. 51/18, (2003), p. 5479-5490

Continuum micromechanics : survey
Zaoui Andre
J. Eng. Mech, Vol. 128, (2002), p. 808-816

News bounds and estimates for porous media with rigid perfectly plastic matrix
Bilger Nicolas, Auslender Francois, Bornert Michel, Zaoui Andre
CRAS, Vol. 330 2, (2002), p. 127-132, elsevier

Self-consistent estimates for nonlinear viscoelastic polycrystals : a simplified resolution of the affine formulation adapted to monotonic loading paths
Brenner R, Castelnau O, Masson R., Bacroix B, Zaoui Andre
Key Engng Mat, Vol. 177-180, (2002), p. 153-158

A 'quasi-elastic' affine formulation for the homogenised behaviour of nonlinear viscoelastic polycrystals and composites
Brenner R, Masson R., Castelnau O, Zaoui Andre
Eur. J. Mech. A/Solids, Vol. 21, (2002), p. 943-960

Residual stresses and cracking behaviour of PVD tungsten coatings deposited on steel substrates : the influence of film thickness
Ganne Th, Crepin Jerome, Serror S., Zaoui Andre
Acta Mater, Vol. 50, (2002), p. 4149-4163

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