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Professor of Quantum Theories at the University of Rome I, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

Research interests

Giorgio Parisi is a theoretical physicist of exceptional depth and scope. He has contributed at the highest level to particle physics, computer science, fluid mechanics, theoretical immunology, etc.

Giorgio Parisi has written about 350 scientific publications on reviews and about 50 contributions to congresses or schools. His main activity has been in the field of elementary particles, theory of phase transitions and statistical mechanics , mathematical physics and string theory, disordered systems (spin glasses and complex systems), neural networks theoretical immunology, computers and very large scale simulations of QCD (the APE project), non equilibrium statistical physics.

Prizes and awards

Feltrinelli prize for physics from the Academia dei Lincei in 1986,
Boltzmann medal in 1992,
Italgas prize in 1993,
Dirac medal and prize in 1999


Books :

Giorgio Parisi has written three books: Statistical Field Theory, (Addison Wesley, New York, 1988),Spin glass theory and beyond (Word Scientific, Singapore, 1988), in collaboration with M. Mezard and M.A. Virasoro and Field Theory, Disorder and Simulations (Word Scientific, Singapore, 1992).

Recent papers :

Angelani-L; Parisi-G; Ruocco-G; Viliani-G
A model for the long time dynamics in a simple glass: Off-equilibrium properties
Philosophical-Magazine-B-(Physics-of-Condensed-Matter:-Statistical-Mechancs,-Electronic,-Optical-and-Magnetic-Properties. vol.79, no.11-12; Nov.-Dec. 1999; p.1987-92

Franz-S; Donati-C; Parisi-G; Glotzer-SC
On dynamical correlations in supercooled liquids
Philosophical-Magazine-B-(Physics-of-Condensed-Matter:-Statistical-Mechancs,-Electronic,-Optical-and-Magnetic-Properties. vol.79, no.11-12; Nov.-Dec. 1999; p.1827-31

Parisi-G; Ricci-Tersenghi-F; Ruiz-Lorenzo-JJ
Universality in the off-equilibrium critical dynamics of the three-dimensional diluted Ising model
Physical-Review-E-(Statistical-Physics,-Plasmas,-Fluids,-and-Related-Intedisciplinary-Topics). vol.60, no.5; Nov. 1999; p.5198-201

Parisi-G; Ricci-Tersenghi-F; Ruiz-Lorenzo-JJ
Generalized off-equilibrium fluctuation-dissipation relations in random Ising systems
European-Physical-Journal-B. vol.11, no.2; Sept. 1999; p.317-25

Ballesteros-HG; Parisi-G
Site-diluted three-dimensional Ising model with long-range correlated disorder
Physical-Review-B-(Condensed-Matter). vol.60, no.18; 1 Nov. 1999; p.12912-17

Coluzzi-B; Mezard-M; Parisi-G; Verrocchio-P
Thermodynamics of binary mixture glasses
Journal-of-Chemical-Physics. vol.111, no.19; 15 Nov. 1999; p.9039-52.

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