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Professor (Low Temperature Physics),
Laboratory of Atomic & Solid Physics,
Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY, United States.

Lee is a codiscoverer of superfluidity in 3He, a unique new state of matter. He has pioneered many of the special new techniques for studying matter at very low temperatures. His group discovered the tri -critical point of 3He-4He mixtures and exhibited the spin dynamics of spin aligned atomic hydrogen.

Research interests

Low Temperature Physics: Normal and superfluid 3He , studies of the orientation of solid helium by optical birefringence, solid 3He and 4He, lambda phase diagram of 3He - 4He mixtures, quasiparticle tunneling in superconductors, magnetic resonance and ultrasound techniques, cooling by adiabatic demagnetization and the Pomeranchuk technique, spin waves in spin polarized hydrogen gas, high concentrations of hydrogen and nitrogen atons via matrix isolation by impurity-helium solids, magnetism, electron spin resonance.

Prizes and awards

With Robert C. Richardson and Douglas D. Osheroff, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1996 for their joint discovery of superfluidity in the isotope helium-3.


Structural studies of impurity-helium solids
S. I. Kiselev, V. V. Khmelenko, and D. M. Lee
Phys. Rev. B. Vol 65, 024517 (2002)

Hydrogen atoms in impurity-helium solids
S. I. Kiselev, V.V. Khmelenko, and D. M. Lee
Phys. Rev. Lett vol 89, 175301 (2002)

Investigation of ultrasound attenuation in impurity-helium solids containing liquid helium
S. I. Kiselev, V. V. Khmelenko, and D. M. Lee
Jrnl. Low Temp. Phys. Vol 121 pg 671-676 (2000)

Impurity-Helium solids - Quantum Gels?
V. V. Khmelenko, S. I. Kiselev, D. M. Lee and C. Y. Lee
Physica Scripta vol. 102 118-127 (2002)

Stabilization of homogenously precessing domains by large magnetic fields in superfluid 3He-B
D. A. Geller and D. M. Lee
Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 85 pg 1032-1035 (2000)

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