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Experimental physicist,

Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Madison, U.S.A.

Research interests

* plasma & fusion science and technology
* plasma turbulence
* burning plasmas
* tokamaks
* alternative fusion schemes
* atomic physics and applied optics
* high temperature plasma diagnostics

His main research focus is on the properties of magnetically confined plasmas for thermonuclear fusion energy applications.

Professor Fonck has developed a variety of diagnostic techniques for measuring the particle and energy content and the stability of very-high-temperature plasmas. Current applications focus on studies of density and energy microturbulence in hot plasmas to determine the basic source of anomalous plasma particle and energy losses. This includes studies of spatial and temporal correlations between fluctuating modes, plus nonlinear coupling between turbulent modes in the plasma.

Prizes and awards

Steenbock Professor in Physical Science
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Member, Executive Committee, APS Division of Plasma Physics
Fusion Power Associates Fusion Leadership Award, 2004
* Member, National Research Council Board on Physics and Astronomy
* Co-Chair, National Research Council Burning Plasma Assessment Committee, 2002-2003
* President, University Fusion Association, 1999-2001
* Member, National Research Council Fusion Science Assessment Committee, 1999-2001
* Excellence in Plasma Physics Research Award, American Physical Society
* Byron Byrd Award for Excellence in Research Publication, University of Wisconsin
* Mid-Career Achievement Award, University of Wisconsin


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