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University Professor, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Canada.

Research interests

Condensed matter physics, disordered systems, optical properties, localization, many-body theory, magnetism, superconductivity.

Professor John is one of the world's leading condensed-matter theorists. His work on the propagation of light in matter has transformed our understanding of that field. His name is synonymous with the field that has become known as "photonic crystals." The term "photonic crystals" refers to a new class of artificial optical materials that will almost certainly form the basis of revolutionary new technologies in the 2lst century. The basic concept was developed in a series of papers by Professor John in the 1980's.

Prizes and awards

Herzberg Medal (1995) awarded by the Canadian Associations of Physics,
Steacie Prize (1997) by NSERC,
Co-winner of the 2001 King Faisal International Prize in Science,
2001 Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (Germany)
2002 Premier's Platinum Medal for Research Excellence and a $1 million research award for his groundbreaking research on photonic crystals.


"A microscopic model for d-wave charge carrier pairing and non-Fermi-liquid behavior in a purely repulsive 2D electron system", Mona Berciu and Sajeev John, Physical Review B 61 (24), 16454-16469 (2000).

"Large-scale synthesis of a silicon photonic crystal with a complete three-dimensional bandgap near 1.5 micrometres", Alvaro Blanco, Emmanuel Chomski, Serguei Grabtchak; Marta Ibisate, Sajeev John, Stephen W. Leonard, Cefe Lopez, Francisco Meseguer, Hernan Miguez, Jessica P. Mondia, Geoffrey A. Ozin, Ovidiu Toader and Henry M. van Driel, Nature 405 (6785), 437-440 (2000).

"Optical Trapping, Field Enhancement, and Laser Cooling in Photonic Crystals", Ovidiu Toader, Sajeev John and K. Busch, Optics Express vol.8, no. 3, pg 271- (2001).

"Proposed Square Spiral Microfabrication Architecture for Large Three-Dimensional Photonic Band Crystals", Ovidiu Toader and Sajeev John, Science vol. 292, 1133 (2001).

"Photonic Band Gap Materials: Towards an All-Optical Micro-Transistor", Sajeev John and Marian Florescu, Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 3, S103 (2001).

"Fabrication of Tetragonal Square Spiral Photonic Crystals", Scott Kennedy, Michael Brett, Ovidiu Toader, and Sajeev John, Nano Letters Vol. 2, No. 1, 59, (2002).

"Theory of Fluorescence in Photonic Crystals", Nipun Vats, K. Busch, Sajeev John, Physical Review A 65, 043808 (2002).

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