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Professor at the Division of Applied Mathematics, and Director of the Lefschetz Center For Dynamical Systems, Brown University, USA.

Research interests

Dynamical systems as a tool for solving problems which originate in applications is the main thrust of Jones's research. He has been interested in the dynamics of optical systems, resonance phenomena in celestial mechanics and pattern formation. A particular focus has been the use of dynamical systems methods in the study of nonlinear wave motion. He has developed techniques for determining the stability of traveling and standing waves with applications in nerve impulse and optical beam propagation. He has recently worked on the problem of stable (multiple) pulse propagation in optical fibers with phase-sensitive amplifiers. He has also been involved in a group effort to understand transport and mixing in mesoscale ocean structures. He has focussed on the use of geometric methods, particularly invariant manifolds in phase space. A major collaborative mathematical study has been on the use of geometric methods in singularly perturbed systems.

Prizes and awards

Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, 1999, New England Board of Higher Education
Plenary Lecturer, SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, 1997
CNR Visting Professor and CIME Lecturer, Italy, June 1994
Humboldt Award for Senior U.S. Scientist, 1993-1994
Graduate Research Board Award, University of Maryland, 1989


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