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Director of the Parallel and Scientific Computing Institute, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA.

Research interests

The research is in the general fields of numerical analysis, applied partial differential equations and scientific computing. Most work is on the numerical approximation of partial differential equations. The most significant contributions are in absorbing boundary conditions of computational boundaries, high resolution algorithms for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws and convergence theory for approximations of oscillatory solutions to partial differential equations. Other fields of research is homogenization theory for nonlineal differential equations, approximation of differential algebraic equations and wavelet approximation methods for evolution equations. Applications are mainly to problems from fluid mechanics and electro-magnetics.

Prizes and awards

Celsius Medal in gold, 1992
Plenary Speaker: European Congress of Mathematics, 1992
Member: Inst. for Adv. Study, Princeton, 1991-1992
Guggenheim Fellow, 1991
Plenary Speaker: European Congress of Fluid Mechanics, 1991
Wallmark Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1985
First SIAM Prize, Numerical Analysis an Scientific Computing, 1982
Speaker: Int'l Congress of Mathematicians, 1982

Member of the executive commitee of the International Mathematical Union, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.


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