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Blanchard Professor of Chemistry at the Department of chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Research interests

Research in this group is concerned with non-classical solid-state chemistry. This area of solid-state chemistry encompasses the synthesis and study of a relatively new class of compounds--semiconducting, highly conducting and superconducting inorganic and organic polymers and charge transfer salts. Of particular interest are "synthetic metals"--organic polymers which exhibit the electronic and magnetic properties of metals but retain the mechanical properties of organic polymers. These remarkable materials, involving many completely new concepts in chemistry and physics have become known only during the past 18 years and present an enormous range of challenging synthetic, structural, physical, and theoretical problems at all research levels.

Prizes and awards

Philadelphia Section Award, American Chemical Society (1967)
Frederic Stanley Kipping Award, American Chemical Society (1970)
Marshall Award, American Chemical Society (1982)
Doolittle Award, American Chemical Society (1982)
Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Medal and Lectureship (England) (1983)
Chemical Pioneer Award, American Institute of Chemists (1984)
"Top 100" Innovation Award, Science Digest (1985)
John Scott Award, City of Philadelphia (1989)
Francis J. Clamer Award, The Franklin Institute (1993)
Chemistry of Materials Award, American Chemical Society (1999)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (with Heeger, Shirakawa) (2000)


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