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Senior Tutor for Postgraduate Admissions
Centre for Chemical Biology
Department of Chemistry, Krebs Institute for Biomolecular Science, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.

Research interests

Weak intermolecular forces provide the key to understanding the relationship between structure and function in chemistry, biology and materials science. Through the study of supramolecular assemblies, Prof. Hunter with his research group hope to develop a more complete description of the chemistry of weak non-covalent interactions. Their research approaches this area from three different angles :

1. Fundamental investigations of the nature of intermolecular interactions : synthetic supramolecular systems are ideally suited for the systematic study and quantitative determination of the thermodynamic properties of non-covalent interactions.

2. Computer modelling of intermolecular interactions : energy calculations are used in conjunction with experimental data such as crystallographic databases to investigate the factors which determine the relationship between sequence and three-dimensional structure in proteins and nucleic acids.

3. Design of new functional supermolecules : intermolecular interactions are used to assemble complexes with designed properties, particular systems of interest have applications as molecular receptors, catalysts, switching devices, artificial photosynthetic systems and synthetic skin substitutes.


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"Complexation-Induced Changes in 1H NMR Chemical Shift for Supramolecular Structure Determination" C. A. Hunter and M. J. Packer, Chem. Eur. J., 1999, 5, 1891-1897.

The Brouwer Award of the Division on Dynamical Astronomy for 1994 was awarded to Chris Hunter of Florida State University. Hunter is one of the world's experts in stellar and galactic dynamics. Dr. Hunter will give his Brouwer Award lecture at the 1995 DDA meeting in Yosemite.

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