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Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA.

Research interests

Current research involves various problems related to both the theory of elementary particles and to cosmology: phase transitions in the early universe, inflationary cosmology, large-scale structure formation in the universe, global structure of the universe, cosmological constraints on the properties of elementary particles, theory of tunneling in unusual environments (early universe, particle collisions, ...), quantum theory of black holes and quantum cosmology.

Andrei Linde is one of the authors of the inflationary universe scenario.

Prizes and awards

· Lomonosov Award of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1978
· Oskar Klein medal in physics, 2001
· Dirac medal for the development of inflationary cosmology, 2002


· A.D. Linde, "Inflation and quantum cosmology" (Academic Press, Boston 1990)
· A.D. Linde, "Particle physics and inflationary cosmology" (Harwood Academic Publishers, Chur, Switzerland 1990).

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