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Professor at the Department of the History of Art, Director of the Center for Ancient Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

Research interests

Area of Specialization: Art of the Ancient Near East.

Excavation experience :

Turkey : Hacinebi Tepe (Chalcolithic/Early Bronze), summer 1994 and Titrish Huyuk (Early Bronze Age city), summer 1994.

Iraq : Al Hiba (ancient Lagash), 1990

Syria : Tell Leilan (ancient Shubat Enlil), 1988

Iran : Tal-i Malyan (ancient Anshan), 1976; 1978

Turkey : Erbaba (Late Neolithic settlement), 1974

Cyprus : Melissa (Late Bronze Age settlement), 1973

Professional organizations :
American Oriental Society, member
Archaeological Institute of America, member
College Art Association, member
Columbia University, University Seminar, Iranian Studies, member
Marching and Chowder Society of Near Eastern Archaeologists, elected member
Metropolitan Museum of Art Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art
Oriental Club of Philadephia, member
University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Consulting Scholar



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Deitrich Reimer Verlag. Berlin, 1994.

H. Pittman. Art of the Bronze Age: Southeastern Iran, Western Central Asia and the Indus Valley. New York, 1984.


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H. Pittman, "The 'Shell' Pendant in the States Museum in Berlin : Egypt or Ancient Near East?" Source 13 (4) Summer 1994: 28-35..
H. Pittman, "Pictures of an Administration: The Late Uruk Scribe at Work," in Between the Rivers and Over the Mountains: Archaeologica Anatolica et Mesopotamica alba Palmeri Dedicata edited by M. Frangipane, H. Hauptmann, M. Liverani, P. Matthiae, M. Mellink.. 235-247. Rome.
H. Pittman, The Royal City of Susa exh. cat. Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Nov. 1992, "The Late Uruk Period," pp. 48-57; "The Proto-Elamite Period," pp. 68-77. H. Pittman, four entries The Glories of the Past. Exh. Cat. for collection of Shelby White and Leon Levy. Metropolitan Museum of Art. September, 1990. pp. 41-44.
H. Pittman. "Seal Impressions," in Cuneiform Texts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, edited by Ira Spar, vol. I, pp. 167-193; drawings, plates 125-133. New York, 1988.

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