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Associate of the Sub-Faculty of Near and Middle Eastern Studies (January 2014 to December 2016); Research Member of the Common Room, Wolfson College, Oxford; Curator, Allard Pierson Museum, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Editor of Talanta (proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society).

Research interests

My main research interests include the archaeology of early states and state formation, the integration of material and textual evidence, and connections between the various regions of the ancient Near East (especially Egypt, Syria and Anatolia) and the eastern Mediterranean (especially the Aegean). I received my M.A. in Mediterranean Archaeology in 2003 at the University of Amsterdam, and
completed my PhD in January 2009 at the VU University of Amsterdam. I have been involved in various research excavations in Romania, Syria, and Greece and I am currently the assistant-director of the University of Amsterdam excavations at Tell Ibrahim ‘Awad in Egypt. I am currently involved in various research projects, including ‘The Petrie Perspective’; a collaboration between the Allard Pierson Museum at Amsterdam, the Griffith Institute in the University of Oxford, the Petrie Museum (UCL) in London, and the British School at Athens, which aims to explore the networks between early archaeologists (19th and early 20th century) and their patron (museums, wealthy art collectors) in Egypt.

Current Projects:

Excavations at Tell Ibrahim \'Awad (Egypt), the Manar al-Athar project (Oxford, directed by Dr. J. McKenzie)

Prizes and awards

2008: Research Grant \'Stichting Philologisch Studiefonds Utrecht\'
2007: Research Grant NWO (\'Kort verblijf buitenland\')
2006: Research Grant NWO (\'Kort verblijf buitenland\')
2005: Alexander S. Onassis Fellow (Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, Athens, Greece).
2005: Research Grant NWO (\'Kort verblijf buitenland\')
2004: Research Grant NWO (\'Kort verblijf buitenland\')
2003: Student Grant University of Amsterdam (\'for excellent students\')



2010: The Kingdom of Mycenae; A Great Kingdom in the Late Bronze Age Aegean, CDL Press, the University of Maryland Press.
2007: Architectuur in Egypte (Architecture in Egypt), with R. Woltering, Bulaaq Publishers, Amsterdam.
2002: Zicht op de Oudheid (Exhibition Catalogue “A View on Antiquity”). Archaeological Service, Haarlem.

International (peer reviewed) Articles

2012: Horseback riding and cavalry in Mycenaean Greece, in Ancient West and East (in press / accepted for publication)
2011: A New Reading for Lydian \'laqrisa\' as \"words\" or \"inscriptions\"(?), in Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires 2011-36.
2010: The Egyptian Interest in Mycenae, in Jaarbericht Ex Oriente Lux 42.
2009: Royal Gift Exchange between Mycenae and Egypt, in American Journal of Archaeology 113/3.
2008: A Great King at Mycenae; a case for the wanax as Great King and the lawagetas as vassal ruler, in Palamedes no.3.
2005-6: The Mycenaeans in Western Anatolia, in Talanta, Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society.
2005a: The Chariots of Ahhiyawa, in Dacia, Revue d\'archéologie et d\'histoire ancienne.
2005b: Mycenaean Greece and the Outside World, in Jaarbericht Ex Oriente Lux 39.
2003-4: Mycenaean Pottery in Egypt, in Talanta, Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society.


2010a: Review of Robert Fischer, Die Ahhijawa-Frage, Mit einer kommentierten Bibliographie. Dresdner Beiträge zur Hethitologie 26. Wiesbaden 2010, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2010.
2010b: Review of Fantalkin, Alexander and Assaf Yasur-Landau, eds. Bene Israel: Studies in the Archaeology of Israel and the Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages in Honour of Israel Finkelstein (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East), Brill, Leiden 2008. in American Journal of Archaeology 114/2.
2009: Review of Maria Deoudi, Ithake, Die Polis-Hohle, Odysseus und die Nymphen, Thessaloniki 2008. in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.11.22.
2007: Review of Joachim Latacz’s “Troy and Homer”, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2004. in Bibliotheca Orientalis.

Popular articles

2011: Een Olijfboom voor de Farao; Myceense diplomatieke contacten in de Late Bronstijd, in Phoenix (in press).
2009: Steden in Myceens Griekenland (with S. Kelder), in Phoenix.
2009: Overzeese contacten, in Kunst en Wetenschap.
2004: Mykene, Griekenland, Ahhijawa en de Oriënt, in Phoenix.

Academic papers

2010: Dutch Symposium on the Archaeology of the Near East (DUSANE), Leiden: Mycenaeans in Egypt? (invited speaker). 27th March.
2009a: Near Eastern – Egyptological Society \'Ex Oriente Lux\', Leiden Dep. & the Faculty of Archaeology of the Leiden University. Lecture: \'Over Olijven en Olijfbomen, contacten tussen Mycene en Egypte\' (About Olives and olive Trees, contacts between Mycenae and Egypt). 12th Oct.
2009b: University Leiden, Faculty of Archaeology: \'Presenting New Research\' Lecture: \'The Wanax as a Mycenaean Great King\'. 19th Feb.
2008a: ICAM conference at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute at Cairo, 25 -29 Oct. Lecture: \'The Egyptian Interest in Mycenaean Greece\', 28th Oct.
2008b: MELAMMU Symposium 6, held at Sofia, 1-3 Sept. Lecture: \'The role of olives and olive oil in prestige gift exchange between Mycenae and Egypt in the Late Bronze Age\', 2nd sept.
2008c: Irish Institute for Hellenic Studies at Athens. Lecture: \'Of Olives and Oil. Royal Connections between Mycenae and Egypt\', 28th Oct.
2004 Amsterdam University, Allard Pierson Museum. Lecture: \'Neolitische Culturen van Europa\' (Neolithic Cultures of Europe), 14th Nov.

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